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Nubian Info: We keep a small herd of ADGA Purebred Registered Nubian goats. We test annually for CAE and have herd-wide negative results every year. We don't have any chronic or contagious health problems in our herd. We practice strict bio-security to keep it that way. Our entire herd is G6S Normal either by DNA test or by parentage. We participate in linear appraisal and DHIR. Our goats have access to fresh browse and home-grown grassy alfalfa/clover hay at all times as well as organic kelp and loose minerals. Our kids are bottle raised on our raw whole Jersey milk. 

Showing: While we do have show quality goats, we refrain from showing them ourselves. We feel showing is not best for our herd's health which is a top priority for us. In addition, ADGA doesn't consider show wins in their data for genetic evaluations for a reason; show results are subjective. At shows your animal is only compared to the other animals who happen to show up at that specific show, not compared to the actual breed standard as it is in Linear Appraisal. So, while we love seeing goats showing well, we prefer to use Linear Appraisal and DHIR to record our goats' quality and at the same time keep our goats from being stressed or exposed to other herds.

Visitor Information: Please call ahead to be sure we will be available to meet you as we do keep a busy schedule. For bio-security purposes, we also ask that when you visit, you refrain from wearing your regular barn boots and barn outerwear. Please wear clean shoes/boots and clean jeans/outerwear that you have not worn in any barn or around any other animals please. You will NOT be permitted inside the pens with the animals at any time. We will bring the animal(s) that you may be interested in out of the pen for your closer inspection. Thank you for understanding! 

We are a Certified Dairy Goat Quality Producer through Langston University and have been a longtime ADGA member. We have some of the best Nubian bloodlines for milk and show with lines from all over the United States. We take pride in breeding for outstanding breed character on strong, healthy, dependable dairy animals with steady, calm dispositions, low input/high output conversion, and longevity. All of these positive traits make for productive, show quality dairy animals that last. So, whether you are looking for show or just quality dairy animals, consider a Camelot Cattle Co Nubian! 

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As you peruse our wonderful Nubians, note that each goat has their own section. I have included references with each goat if we don't own the sire, dam, etc. That said, don't forget to refer to the impressive sires, dams, etc that we do own. Enjoy! 

Nubilop Acres Lytle Puff 1*M

2013 ADGA Nubian Doe

Lytle Puff is such a lovely doe, so long and tall and very dairy with beautiful long, bell-shaped ears. She has a long, dairy neck that ties in beautifully with her withers and moves into a long topline and wide rump. Good depth of body and nice brisket, standing on correct legs and feet. She has a high, wide escutcheon and all with that beautiful strawberry blonde silky coat...I could go on and on about this lovely girl. Her mother is one of the nicest does we've ever seen, a permanent champion and several Best of Breed wins as well as Best In Show. She scored excellent in body capacity and mammary. Puff's sire speaks for himself scoring EX-90...Lytle Puff is a fantastic addition to our herd! 

2015: Puff freshened 3-16-15 with beautiful twin doelings sired by Kiko (they can be viewed below). Puff has a lovely, well-attached udder with well placed teats and nice foreudder. Her rear udder is so high, wide and round, it really pops. She is a dream to milk with excellent udder texture like warm butter that milks out quickly through perfect orifices. She gave over 9 pounds a day as a first freshener...we are very pleased with her! 

2016: Puff freshened 3-14-16 with triplet bucklings sired by Camelot Cattle Co Chrome. They are the loveliest kids we have ever had and it's hard to believe but her second freshening udder is even better than her first! During her peak she milked 10 lbs and she is a very consistent milker without much drop from peak through the year. Puff appraised this year at VG88 with an Excellent in Mammary (VVVE) as well as Excellents in front legs and udder texture.

2017: Puff was bred to Chrome and had lovely triplet doelings on March 13, 2017 and she looks fantastic! She milked 10.6 lbs on her first 2017 milk test at just 11 days fresh and qualified for her milk star in milk, fat, and protein easily her first lactation on DHIR. Her 2017 appraisal shows her being Excellent in Dairy Strength and Mammary with Very Good General Appearance with a Final Score of VG89.

Puff was bred to Tolkien for 2018 and had beautiful quads on February 26; 2 doelings and 2 bucklings. She freshened in with her lovely, productive udder as usual. 

Reserved kids: $800 

DOB: 4/16/2013 FS89 (VE+E) @ 04-01

Progeny in our herd: Camelot Cattle Co Eclipse, Camelot Cattle Co Shamrock, Camelot Cattle Co Draco, Camelot Cattle Co Veela, Camelot Cattle Co Lily, Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes

Puff in March 2017 -- 3rd freshener

Puff in April 2017, as a 3rd freshener showing full and milked out.

 Puff pictured as a 4 year old.

Lytle Puff first freshening 2 year old

Pictured at about 5 months of age: 


Lytle Puff References


 Nubilop Acres Flirt's Flirty 1*M

2013 ADGA Nubian Doe

Flirty is a lovely, showy doe with very good general appearance, excellent dairy strength, correct build and nice straight legs. She is long, has nice depth and a beautiful topline and level rump. She is wide throughout her body and has a nice high, wide escutcheon. She is out of a slower maturing line but we love the looks of her and with her lovely dam (who has a senior Res. Champion under her belt and has scored excellent in dairy strength and mammary) and her sire (EX-90) we are very excited to watch this doe mature! Flirty is pictured above as a dry yearling.

2015: Flirty was bred to Chrome for May 2015 kids and gave us gorgeous, correct twin doelings. As a first freshener, she milked about 7.5 pounds a day and milks out very nicely from a nice, balanced udder.

2016: Flirty had triplets sired by Onyx on March 18, 2016. She had two bucklings and a doeling. The doeling is being retained. Flirty's udder has matured nicely this lactation and during her peak milked 12.5 lbs! Flirty also appraised this year as a second freshening 3 year old at VG88 with an Excellent in Dairy Strength (VEVV) as well as Excellent in shoulder assembly.

Flirty was bred to Draco and gave us beautiful triplets on March 1, 2017; two doelings that are being retained and a buckling that went to work in another herd. Flirty's first 2017 milk test shows her milking 12.2 lbs at just 23 days in milk and she milked 12.8 lbs her next test. Flirty more than earned her milk star in milk, fat, and protein the first lactation on DHIR. Flirty is the epitome of low input/high output. Her 2017 appraisal lists her In structural categories she as Excellent in Shoulder Assembly, Front and Rear Legs, and Back. She is Excellent in Dairy Strength and General Appearance and Very Good in Body and Mammary with a final score of VG89 (EEVV). 

Flirty was bred to Chrome for March 2018 kids and had gorgeous triplets, 2 bucks and a doe. 

Reserved kids: $800 

DOB: 4/6/2013 FS89 (EEVV) @ 04-01

Progeny in our herd: Camelot Cattle Co Mischief, Camelot Cattle Co Tonks, Camelot Cattle Co Luna

Flirty pictured as a 4 year old

Flirty as a second freshening 3 year old at 5 days fresh with almost 12 hour fill. 

Flirty as a first freshening 2 year old (milked out at 2 days fresh) 

Flirty's first freshening udder at about 4 weeks fresh.

Pictured as a dry yearling: 


Flirty's References

Nubilop-Acres Just Look At Me

2014 ADGA Nubian Doe

We had not planned on adding another mature doe but when the opportunity came to buy MeMe in January 2018, we jumped at the chance to add this lovely, sweet girl. She is a very strong built doe and should appraise very well in Dairy Strength. She has length and width and dairy character in spades. She has a long, graceful neck and a feminine, yet very Nubian head with lovely ears. 
Her previous owner showed her at the SMDGA Show in Sedalia as well as the Quad State Classic Dairy Goat Show in Iowa. She took Reserve Senior Grand Champion at both shows. She is out of the same dam as our wonderful Puff and is the dam of our handsome Tolkien. We knew there was no way we weren't going to love MeMe and we were right!

MeMe was bred to M*L Legacy Sweet Sensation, the full brother to the 2016 ADGA National Champion, CH Canoe Creek Victoria. She had quads March 13, 2 does and 2 bucks. Even just fresh she is proving to be quite the producer. Looking forward to her first milk test!

DOB: 4/12/2014

Progeny in our herd: Rolling-Hills CCC Tolkien

MeMe 3 yrs old--photo courtesy of Nubilop Acres

MeMe's References

Camelot Cattle Co Dahlia 1*M

2015 ADGA Nubian Doe

Dahlia is a gorgeous black roan with brown trim, moonspots and big white splashes, her breed character is impressive with the best roman nose we've ever seen at birth and lovely bell shaped ears. She has length, width, and very good body capacity. With the pedigree behind her along with her dam's fantastic udder and ability to milk (10+ pounds per day as a 2 year old)...Dahlia is being retained. :) Her dam, There She Is, has a very well attached udder with a lovely, long fore udder and a high, wide rear udder. She milks out quickly and down to nothing with wonderful udder quality. She is out of one of the best looking does we've ever seen (Mojave-Dunes PS Violet) who became a permanent champion early in the 2013 show season with 2013 show records including 4X Senior Champion, 1X Reserve Sr. Champion, 6X Best Of Breed, 1X Best Udder Of Breed and 1X Best Doe in Show. She scored excellent in dairy strength, body capacity, and mammary with overall score of EX-90. There She Is's sire's dam scored EX-92 (EEEE) as a 4 year old. Then, of course, Dahlia's sire, Kiko, who scored EX-90 and always gives us wonderful kids and has his own claim on beautiful, productive goats. Dahlia's full brother is our very own wonderful Camelot Cattle Co Chrome who has been putting some very nice kids on the ground. We are very excited about Dahlia! Pictured at as a first freshening 2 year old, milked out.

Dahlia was bred to Onyx for 2017 kids and freshened on Feb 24 with beautiful twins, a buckling and a doeling. She freshened with a lovely, well attached udder that high and wide with a long, smooth foreudder. She milks out quickly and easily with fantastic dairy quality to her udder. She milked 7 pounds and earned her star as a first freshener.  Her 2017 appraisal lists Very Good Front and Rear Legs and Feet, Udder Texture, and Dairy Strength with a Final Score of 83.

Dahlia was bred to Onyx for March 2018 kids and had lovely twin doelings. Her udder capacity has increased nicely her second lactation and she milks out fast with amazing dairy quality.

Reserved Kids: $500

DOB: 5/13/2015

First freshening 2 year old, milked out.

Dahlia's first freshening udder in March 2017.

Dahlia at about 3 months of age.


Dahlia References

 Camelot Cattle Co Mischief

2016 ADGA Nubian Doe 

 This sweetheart was out of Flirty's 2016 triplets and sired by Onyx. Mischief (aka Missy) is a beautiful, correct, elegant doeling and we can't wait to see the productive udder she puts on...she should really milk with her dam and sire being who they are. Just loving her deep chocolate roan with just a little splash of color. She has lovely dairy skin and so long! Long level topline going into a long level rump and long flat-boned legs...she is just fantastic. Pictured as a dry yearling.

Missy at about 7 weeks.

Camelot Cattle Co Veela


2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

Camelot Cattle Co Lily


2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

This was a repeat breeding since last year we got a litter full of beautiful bucklings but we wanted a doeling to retain. Puff cooperated this year and gave us triplet doelings...we took full advantage and retained all of them! Lily is out of our wonderful Puff, sired by Chrome. Lily is beautiful, correct, elegant, and has the longest, prettiest ears of any kid we've ever had! She should also put on a lovely productive udder with her genetics. Can't wait to see this girl mature! She is pictured at about 4 weeks of age.

DOB: 3/13/2017

Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes


2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

Camelot Cattle Co Raven


2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

Camelot Cattle Co Tonks

2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

Camelot Cattle Co Luna

2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

Camelot Cattle Co Harley Quinn

2018 ADGA Nubian Doe

Picture Coming Soon...

Harley Quinn is a long awaited doeling out of Flirty and Chrome born on March 6, 2018. We had done this cross before and gotten some lovely kids but we never retained a kid until this year. She is long and level and just a correct and lovely example of the Nubian breed. I am so anxious to see her mature and become part of our herd! 

Nubilop-Acres Charm

2018 ADGA Nubian Doe

Picture Coming Soon...

Charm is a sweet, correct little doeling out of MeMe's March 2018 quads. Her sire is M*L Legacy Sweet Sensation, full brother to the 2016 National Champion and Best Udder doe, CH Canoe Creek Victoria. Charm certainly has an impressive pedigree behind her and we are looking forward to seeing what her genetics can do in our herd.

Camelot Cattle Co Phoenix

2018 ADGA Nubian Doe

Picture Coming Soon

Phoenix is a lovely, long, level doeling with correct build and even as a newborn commands your attention. She is simply elegant. Very much like her dam, Mischief. She is sired by Draco, son of Puff. We are very excited to see what this doe does in our herd. She certainly has an impressive pedigree!

Camelot Cattle Co Moose

2018 ADGA Nubian Buck

Picture Coming Soon...

Moose is a long awaited buckling out of Flirty and Chrome. We always get such lovely kids from this breeding. We are looking forward to utilizing him in our breeding program as early as this fall. He is a wonderful example of a Nubian kid and should make some super nice kids with his fantastic genetics.

Rolling Hills CCC Tolkien

2015 ADGA Nubian Buck

We were very fortunate to be able to add this buck to our herd. Tolkien combines the genetics of some of our favorite goats such as R5 Clan Little Creme Puff, Saada El X-travaganza, and Saada El-Marah, daughter of Saada El-Pekah. He is a very strong, very correct buck with dairy skin and beautiful breed character. He has a strong topline going into a strong, wide, level rump and with his genetics I expect to see some fantastic mammaries from his daughters. He is pictured here as a yearling. 

Tolkien's dam with very limited showing as a 3 year old in 2017 was Res. Sr. GCH at the SMDGA show and Res. Sr. GCH at the Quad State Classic Dairy Goat show. She has a lovely mammary with well-placed teats and wonderful dairy quality.

Tolkien's 2017 appraisal shows him with a Very Good Head, Front and Rear Legs, Feet, and General Appearance with a Final Score of 85.

DOB: 5/3/2015

*B Tamris Farm Sap's Onyx

2014 ADGA Nubian Buck

We are very excited about having Onyx as a herdsire! We had him shipped in from Tamris Farm in northern California in June 2015. Onyx is a very big boy (200 lbs as a yearling) from very strong bloodlines. His dam is SGCH Tamris Farm Sapphire 10*M Elite Doe (top 99% of Nubian milkers) with an Ex 91 (EEEE) score. Sapphire has an impressive show record even with limited showing, being 2 X Reserve Champion as a Junior doe, 1 X Reserve Champion as a yearling milker and 2 X Grand Champion as a yearling milker. As a 2 year old milker she was 1 X Reserve Champion and 3 X Grand Champion and 3 X Best of Breed. As a 3 year old milker she was 6 X Best of Breed, 3 X Best Doe in Show, and 1 X Best Udder in Show. As a 4 year old milker she was 1 X Reserve Champion, 3 X Best of Breed and 1 X Best Doe in Show. She has an impressive DHIR record as well, as a 4 year old, on a 304 day lactation, she milked 3810 with 169 fat and 141 protein and in 2015, she milked 3820 with 212 fat and 146 protein. She is milking through 2016 and at 363 days in milk still tested at 8 lbs. Not only is she on the Top Ten list but she was #5 for production, #6 for butterfat, and #5 for protein in 2014.

*Update on Sapphire, Onyx's dam: Sapphire made the USDA-DHIA Elite Doe list again as well as ADGA Top Ten again in 2015, this time as #1 in production, #2 for butterfat, and #3 for protein. What an impressive doe!

Onyx's sire is +*B Saada Lavender's Lark out of SGCH Saada Bearly Lavender 4*M herself with a Ex92 EEEE score. Lavender earned her first milking leg in 2007 as a yearling and as a second freshener scored Ex90 with an "E" udder! She is now Ex92 and has never yet been out of the top 5 at National Shows attended. She has been 3rd, 2nd, and 5th at three National shows. In 2010, 2012, and 2013 she was named INBA's All American of her age group for the previous show year. 

Talk about some amazing bloodlines! We couldn't be happier! And all that wrapped up in a big, gorgeous package of black and white spots, those dreamy solid black ears and his sweet puppy dog temperament...what more could a person want in a herdsire?! 

Onyx is pictured as a yearling.

At the 2015 Nationals, Onyx's maternal sister placed 7th in a huge class as an intermediate kid. Onyx's paternal sister, Naberrie, placed 7th in 3 yr old milkers, 5th in produce of dam and 5th in dam/daughter. 
2016: Onyx appraised +84 with a VG in Dairy Strength (+V+) and with the appraiser's comment that as tall as he is (50 in Stature because he is 2 inches off the charts), that it may take a little time for him to grow into himself. We are looking forward to seeing his progress in the next year or two!
2017: Onyx appraised wtih Very Good Front Legs and Feet with a Final Score of 84.

TAMRIS FARM SAP'S ONYX - N001682603 (PB Buck)
DOB: 3/24/2014

Progeny in our herd: Camelot Cattle Co Mischief, Camelot Cattle Co Raven


Onyx References

Camelot Cattle Co Chrome

2014 ADGA Nubian Buck

 Chrome was born June 27, 2014. He is sired by Kiko and out of Nubilop-Acres There She Is. Chrome has moonspots and splashes all over that gorgeous black with brown trim. Not only is this boy fancy, he is also correct with very good legs, feet, and shoulder assembly and nice breed character. He has wonderful length, depth and width everywhere, with a strong level topline and long, wide, level rump. He has pliable skin, sharp withers, fantastic spring of rib, and impressive body capacity. Adding in his wonderful genetics with his EX90 sire and his dam's fantastic udder and milking ability (10+ pounds per day as a 2 year old)--we couldn't do anything except retain him as a herdsire. Pictured above as a yearling. Now that he has had a couple kid crops on the ground, we are quite justified in retaining him as he is really making some super nice kids! I have no doubt his daughters will be putting on some great, productive udders.

Chrome's littermate twin sister, Camelot Cattle Co Nutmeg, freshened as a 2 year old with a beautiful, productive udder (her udder is pictured below in Chrome's reference section). Nutmeg's owner says, "Nutmeg freshened for the first time in March [2016] with triplet doelings. She is doing an outstanding job, feeding them, and sharing with me as well! Nutmeg is a laid back, easy keeper, but obviously hardworking. I can't say enough good things about this doe."

2016: Chrome appraised VG85 (V+V) as a yearling.

2017: Chrome appraised with Very Good Head, Shoulder Assembly, General Appearance, Body, Front Legs and Feet, Excellent in Rear Legs and Dairy Strength with a Final Score of VG87 (VEV).

Chrome at 10 months 

 Chrome References

Camelot Cattle Co Draco

2016 ADGA Nubian Buck (Reference)

Draco is exactly what we were breeding for when we paired Lytle Puff and Chrome. He was born March 2016 in a set of triplets. He is long, level, correct, with long, elegant ears and nice head. He has pliable dairy skin, open flat ribs, natural wide stance and open escutcheon. With his dam's fantastic udder and production behind him and his sire's production and udders backing that up, he is simply exemplary. And, just to top that off, he is absolutely covered in moonspots and splashes for the wildest colored goat we've had yet! Our only regret is that Puff had triplet bucklings and didn't give us any doelings! We will repeat this breeding to try for a doeling to retain! Pictured at about 7 weeks of age.

Draco sired his first kids in 2017...a beautiful set of triplets out of Flirty including two doelings we are retaining...very pleased with what he produced! His 2017 appraisal shows Very Good Front and Rear Legs and Excellent Feet with a Final Score of 82.

Draco went to work in a new herd as of 2018 but we are really looking forward to seeing what his daughters can do in our herd!

DOB: 3/14/2016
Progeny in our herd: Camelot Cattle Co Tonks, Camelot Cattle Co Luna

Draco at 3 days of age--yes, same goat...the beautiful results of moonspots! :)

Cozy Creek Camelot Kiko EX90

2013 ADGA Nubian Buck (Reference)

Kiko is an exceptional buck with a gorgeous roman head and fantastic long bell shaped ears. He is very big, strong, and very open ribbed and deep bodied with a beautiful brisket. He has the widest, highest escutcheon I have ever seen, so round at the top...his daughters will have plenty of room for wide, high udders! As strong as he is, there is no doubt it is dairy strength with his pliable skin, flat bones, and sharp withers. He has an outgoing and very friendly personality, very affectionate and easy buck to handle. He was born March 23, 2013 in a set of twins out of Cleo and Copper. Cleo's dam scored excellent in mammary and dairy strength and Copper's sire scored EX-91. Kiko is pictured above as a yearling.

Kiko has put some fantastic, correct, promising kids on the ground. Kiko's twin sister freshened as a 2 year old with a beautiful, well-attached udder, high and wide and well-placed teats. Kiko's first daughter to freshen is a full sister to our other herdsire Chrome and she has a beautiful, productive udder with good attachments and well-placed teats. We are very pleased with what Kiko is producing!

2016: Kiko appraised EX90 with Excellents in shoulder assembly, legs (front and rear), back, and general appearance (EVV). 

Just a couple days old :) 


Kiko References

Camelot Cattle Co Eclipse 2*M

2015 ADGA Nubian Doe (Reference)

Eclipse was born March 16, 2015 to our wonderful Lytle Puff and sired by handsome Kiko. We knew immediately she was staying here. She shows every sign of being our ideal kind of goat. The width and depth she has everywhere is incredible and her breed character is impressive...just look at that huge roman nose and beautiful bell shaped ears! She has a nice level topline going into a very good, wide rump and wonderful body capacity. Eclipse is tall and strong in a gorgeous black roan with tan trim and two hidden white spots on her belly...a person can't help but notice her! She doesn't have much chance with her pedigree to not put on a great udder so we are very excited about this addition! Pictured as first freshening 2 year old.

Eclipse was bred to Onyx and had beautiful triplets on March 2, 2017. Her first freshening udder has surprising capacity, good attachments and lovely, long foreudder. She milks out easily with a warm butter udder texture and just a few weeks fresh she is milking 8 pounds as a first freshener. She also easily qualified for her milk star in milk, fat, and protein as a first freshener. Eclipse had two doelings and a buckling. One doeling is being retained. Eclipse's 2017 appraisal shows mostly Very Good structural traits with Excellent Rear Legs and Feet and a Final Score of 84.

Eclipse was bred to Onyx and went to a new herd as a bred doe for 2018 but we are excited to see what her daughter, Raven, will do in our herd. :) 

DOB: 3/16/2015

Progeny in our herd: Camelot Cattle Co Raven

First freshening 2 year old with just a few hours fill.

Eclipse's first freshening udder in March 2017.

Prov 27:27 "And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens."

Isaiah 40:11 "Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, In His arm He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes.

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